Wednesday, 23 July 2008

All you Need in one Aussie Package jpkoala


If there is one man in the business of street entertainment who has the ability to perform to any group of people; whether it be a family audience or that adult crowd that need something a little more thrilling then J-P is your man.

In a moment he can take an audience from awe to laughter. From delight to wonderment. From tears to joyous applause in one split second.

His juggling skills a legend within his own lifetime.

Balls, knives, whips and axes. And not just your common or garden axe a real deal Scottish double headed battle axe; something more likely last viewed in Lord of the Rings, rather than thrown twenty to thirty feet over his head. "Now that's what you call spectacular."

His charismatic personality will enthral whatever format his show follows. A circus show on the street or in a venue.

"Street comedy has never been this good."